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Hello from Monty Loree

Below I talk about the important points of what you need to consider if you're going to do the debt settlement process

Benefits of Debt Settlement
  • The biggest and most important benefit will be: YOU WILL BE DEBT FREE.. which means to future creditors, your debt service ratio will nice and clean. This will allow you to apply for your mortgage, car loan etc with greater ease.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that you stayed the course and are now debt free. You didn't declare bankruptcy, and won't have that stigma hanging over your head for the rest of your life.
  • You will have learned a great deal about budgeting, saving money, and dealing with your credit better.

Monty Loree interviews Richard Cooper about Debt Settlement
Listen Now! Duration: 18:40 Minutes

Debt Settlement Requirements
  • The following are the requirements that you need to fulfill before we can help you with debt settlement
  • You've got minimum $10,000 in debt
  • You've got the means to make payments
  • You want to settle unsecured type debts only
  • You're have a strong desire to commit to the program for 24-48 months
If can say yes to these main points then you're a good candidate for debt settlement.

Monty Loree's Recommedation:
If you're in debt way over your head, your health and/or family life is suffering because of too much debt, this service may be an option for you. Certainly if you've been looking at bankruptcy as an option, debt settlement in my opinion is a better, more short term alternative.

Take a moment to fill out the form above. It's a confidential service, I will only pass your information on to one skilled debt settlement practitioner who I believe will help you out.

The Guarantee:
The consultation is free of charge... and the best part of this whole thing is: if we can't help you settle your debts, you won't pay a cent. You only pay on the amount that is settled for you.

Important Information You Need to Know
The following are things you need to know about debt settlement, I like to be up front so there are NO surprises:

According to Richard Cooper, Debt Settlement is a bankruptcy alternative. As such there are a few things you should know about the service:

Debt Settlement is Harsh on Your Credit Score
The 3 things that people need to get when they get into our debt settlement program is, itís not going to help your credit. Right now your credit is not going to be good if youíre carrying the loan and youíre having money problems. So you really have to get off the, "my credit is great" wagon and think about the more important thing which is getting out of debt.

So we let everybody know that their credit is going to take a bit of dive when they are in the program. But at the end of it once we are all settled up, because their debt service ratio is nice and clean, itís actually quite easy to start rebuilding the credit. But during the course of the program, nothing really good happens to your credit. So thatís the first thing we tell them.

Bill Collectors May Call You
The second thing that they need to understand is that the phone is probably going to ring while they are in the program. So they should expect phone calls from their bill collectors. Itís going to happen. Itís going to be notices sent until we settle the debt. Itís usually not that big of a deal for people, itís pretty easily to deal with. There are a few techniques that we give them that help them get through that part. We like to fully disclose how everythingís going to work.

There is a Small Threat of a Law Suit
The third thing the people need to get is sometimes the toughest one for them is youíre going to get the threat of legal action. They signed a legally binding contract with the credit card company to make certain payments that they stopped doing now. They need to realize that they breached that contract and the creditor has the right to sue them because of breach of contract. They are going to get threats to legal actions, scary notices. A lot of the times, itís really not worth it to paper that itís written on. I know that you and I have talked before about statement claims and some of the collection agency techniques.

But people need to realize that it does happen. People do get sued in our program, probably about 4-5 out of every hundred end up getting sued. Itís really not that big of a deal when you think about it. The whole purpose of the law suit is really to force the settlement on a debt, which is kind of the purpose of our program anyway. So those two things can be worked out.

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