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What is Saving Money in Canada? With the recent recession many families are required to cut costs in their budget. The price of food has not gone down and the importance of healthy eating is necessary. It is sad to think that when the budget is reduced for groceries that families are forced to purchase cheaper and usually less healthy food. It is important for families to stretch their food budget dollars even more.

* Dairy budget planning When it comes to dairy, buying in larger quantities is critical in reducing costs. My fiance and I purchase a large gallon of milk that gets devoured by the two of us. Depending on when you purchase the milk, the expiration date might not be for two weeks until now. Never buy the small bottles of milk when the larger bottles are available. You will end up consuming it!

* Cheese Grocery stores have multiple options when it comes to buying cheese. They have individually sliced packages (usually 100g), medium cuts (more than 200 g). You are basically paying for someone to slice or grate your cheese for you!

No, thank you! The flavour from freshly grated cheese over a plate of pasta or crumbled over a salad is potent.

The real discount shopping savings come from buying vacuum packed packages of cheese. Also, if I find the cheese I purchased is too large to meet my needs, I share the cheese with family. I have family that purchases a whole wheel of cheese to distribute among the family.
I try to use every piece of the cheese even the rind from Parmesan. This gives extra flavour in minestrone, risotto, or vegetable soup to add some more zip to the meal. To make some cuts of cheese last even longer, put them in the freezer!

* Garden Growing a small garden or an herb container on your patio is a way to cut down a few costs. Many Canadians live in urban areas in Canada and don't have the ability to grow a garden. Growing up in a family that took pride on growing as many vegetables as the land permitted was a benefit to having a healthy childhood. Saving Money in Canada I was always eating good food with retail discounts and the benefits always outweighed the costs. Growing up I never realized how fortunate I was to be eating fresh produce and always pouted having to help in the garden but I always look fondly on that time and I one of the first to pilfer a few tomatoes or carrots from the garden for my trip back to B.C.

When it comes to newspaper shopping produce I don't find the farmers markets very inexpensive. However, depending on the size of your household, it may be worth it to purchase a few items in smaller quantities.

I enjoy eating roasted red peppers, either in a salad or on a sandwich or pizza. It is a very versatile ingredient. To purchase a jar of these peppers would surely cost over $3.50. At larger stores or at the Chinese markets you can find a larger bag containing peppers. If you roast the peppers at home you even get the delicious smell of peppers in your house! They also go well in the freezer which makes a great use for a health quick stir fry.

Zussino is the author of (Grocery Alerts Canada) which is a website which allows you search for great grocery deals and shares with you many tips for saving money at the grocery store. The top local grocery deals and coupons are posted on the website from various regions in Canada. Saving Money in Canada

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