What is a Martial Status?

A person’s relationship with a significant other is described by his/her marital status. The common marital statuses are single, married, separated, divorced, widowed, engaged, annulled and cohabitating. One who is not married or may engage in dating is described as being “Single”. However not all single people turn to dating to search their right person.Some do not intend to seek a relationship at all! On grounds of religion priests, nuns, monks, etc. are required to be single compulsorily. Single men are commonly referred to as bachelors and single women as bachelorettes.

A social union between any two individuals that gives rise to kinship is defined as “marriage”, and the persons involved in the union are described to be “Married”. Marriage practises take many forms in various parts of the world across various different cultures. They are often referred by a ceremony called the “wedding”.

A legal process by which a couple may mutually agree to formally separate from each other while remaining married legally is deemed as “Separated”. This does not however automatically lead to a divorce. During this period of separation the couple may even reconcile with each other and drop the separated tag behind them. In Canada the separation agreement may also include the division of both debts and assets.

The final termination of marriage with the intent of cancelling the responsibilities of a marriage is deemed as “Divorce”. While divorce laws vary considerably across the world it ain’t allowed in countries like Philippines and Malta. Canada is among the countries where divorce rate has been increasing tremendously.

A woman whose husband has passed away is described by the marital status “Widowed”. Conversely a man who has lost his wife is called as the widower. World over the status of a widow in the society has become a social issue. Typically due to the fact that in families where the husband was the sole provider of bread and butter, his death could leave his family in despair and poverty. There exist a number of charities to that render help to the widows across Canada and world over.

The period of time between proposal and marriage is described by the marital status “Engaged”. An engagement usually involves the exchange of engagement rings. In Canada the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. A legal procedure that declares a marriage null and void is described by the marital status “Annulment”. Although similar to divorce the difference exists in the fact that an annulled marriage is considered to be a marriage that ‘never existed’. The cause of action to be initiated for annulment is generally ‘fraud’.

People living together who are involved in an intimate relationship are described by the marital status “Co Habitation”. This may be chose by people to either test their compatibility with each other or because they are unable to marry legally for reasons such as inter-racial, same sex, inter religion etc…that exist across various countries world over. Roughly around 21% of all the couples’s cohabitate in Canada as of 2004.

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