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What is a refund?

Refund means a payment for an individual's overpaid taxes from the government.

The idea of claiming bank charges is because banks are not supposed to make a profit from charges. They charge you £25-£34 for having a cheque or Direct Debit bounce or going over your limit, when it actually costs them between £2.00 and £4.50.

Checks are negotiable items and can still be stolen, lost, forged or have stop payments placed on them. To protect themselves and the payee, the bank places a hold on the tax refund check. This is just a precautionary measure that every bank takes.
The deposit reimbursement mechanism aims at speeding up the return of interest and duties.

The rights to the duties and interest owed to them by the U.S. Government will be purchased for companies participating in the mechanism. The duties and interest owed from the U.S. Government will then be recovered. The proposed special charge will be payable by all companies that either receive a refund from U.S. Customs, or participate in the deposit refund mechanism. A special charge of approximately 18 per cent would apply to all refunds in order to ensure equity and fairness to all companies benefiting from the Agreement.

The Government of Canada requires this charge to be paid by Participants no later than the end of the month after the special charge receives Royal Assent and by non-Participants no later than the end of the month following receipt of a refund from U.S. Customs.
Requirements to qualify for the repayment of land transfer tax for first-time homebuyers:
Some of the requirements are as follows:
• The purchaser must be at least 18 years old.
• The refund application must be made within 18 months of the disposition date.
• The home must be occupied by the purchaser as his or her principal residence not later than 9 months after the disposition date.
• The purchaser cannot have owned a home previously, nor had any ownership interest in a home, anywhere in the world, at any time.
• If the purchaser is married, the spouse can’t have owned a home previously, nor had any interest in ownership in a home, anyplace in the world, while he or she was the purchaser's spouse. If such is the case, no reimbursement will be available to either spouse.
There are a number of time limits that apply to a refund or a money back request:
• If applying specifically for the reimbursement for first time purchasers of newly constructed homes, one must apply within 18 months after the disposition date of the applicable home.
• In the case where a compensation is requested for any tax paid on registration of a notice or caution where the transfer contemplated in the agreement referred to in the notice or caution did not take place, there is no time restriction.
• All other requests for compensation must be made within 4 years of the date of payment of the tax.

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