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RE: Rogers cable ruined me!!!!

Postby gumnaam » Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:33:15 PM

How Rogers destroyed my life, rogers started sending me cable bills, which I never ordered, I didn't pay, rogers gave to collection agency, I kept them saying that I never order this service, just give proof and I will pay, collection agency destroyed my credit, and I lost my credit and got high interest loan, just bcz of rogers. I am plan to take legal action,bcz I have lost a lot, and I hv the proofs.
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RE: Rogers cable ruined me!!!!

Postby reidjr00 » Wed Feb 13, 2008 04:52:07 AM


1)When you signed up with rogers did you take any sort of promo.Most there there promos where you get a free box etc requires a contract for 2 years.Even if you return all the stuff you still have to pay them the discount you saved.

2)Did you get a bunndle deal if so its the same you have to pay up.
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RE: Rogers cable ruined me!!!!

Postby cadude » Sat Jan 26, 2008 03:03:55 PM

Raymond, I personally didn't know this -- that is extremely helpful information to anyone having issues with Rogers.

As far as doing credit checks for new jobs, hell I think McDonalds now requires it. I was speaking with a cousin of mine who worked for Minacs, a call center for many things, but in his case, Apple Computers technical service. They did a credit check to see if he had went banko or had any accounts in collections. I guess some employers will refuse employment if they know this, perhaps so agencies don't call them at their work place.

In any case, As I stated in a previous thread about Rogers, this company doesn't give two flying (edited for language) about their customers --

badluck2008 as Raymond has said you have your two options. You can bite your tongue, pay the bill and get iQor, Inc formerly CBCL - Canadian Bonded Credit Limited - Now Iqor Collection Agency to fax you a release letter so you can get your job or -
get the agency to give you the original account number, call Rogers and have them tell you what the charges are for. If you know the charges are bogus, file the complaint with the bureaus, as Raymond said it's now their job to provide the proof of delinquency.
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RE: Rogers cable ruined me!!!!

Postby Raymond » Tue Jan 22, 2008 05:43:46 PM

Good heavens lad! Your life is ruined because you didn't pay your cable bill? What kind of a job could you be looking for that a delinquent ISP or cable bill would make you unemployable?

Pay it off if you want to or dispute it if, in fact, you didn't renege on a contract. If you genuinely don't owe them any money, then submit your dispute with whatever proof you have to TransUnion and Equifax. It's then up to the credit bureaus to get corroboration from the creditor. If they fail to so, then the bureaus have to expunge it off your file. Sometimes, even when you do owe and have little hardcopy proof, the creditor will fail to respond to the dispute, in which case you've won your appeal.

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Rogers cable ruined me!!!!

Postby badluck2008 » Tue Jan 22, 2008 04:15:23 PM

Hi all, Please HELP ME!!

so I was at an apartment before with Rogers's services, and before I moved, I cancelled the service and returned everything.

fast forward to 2 years later, today I just found out that my credit report has this Rogers bill sent to collections, which I have no idea of for the past 2 years. Now I'm looking for employment and obviously i cant get one because of this.

Now what should I do? This obviously is a mistake and I was told I can dispute. What should I do? Should I just pay regardless of their mistake, and have bad credit for 6 more years? or go through all the trouble to dispute?? What should I do????

I tried to call Rogers and iQor, Inc formerly CBCL - Canadian Bonded Credit Limited - Now Iqor Collection Agency , both of them not helpful at explaining the situation and/or give me evidence that I owed that kind of money.

ANY comment would be appreciated. Please help me!
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