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RE: These guys don't have their act together

Postby JeanKarla » Wed Aug 04, 2010 05:53:06 AM

hello there BloodyMad,

how are doing now? i have read you post and it so sad that you were not able to pursue you vacation due to some credit card problems. whats the current update about the wrong mailing address along with the lost credit card and etc.?

by the way, have you gone on your planned vacation? how was it? i hope it gave you a good experience relieving you from the burden and stress made by the credit company on you.
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RE: These guys don't have their act together

Postby whataname » Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:49:46 PM

Hey Bloody Mad,

You contridict yourself in your story line you first say the underwriter did question your P.O Box residence and then you ask why he/she didnt ask for clarification. And further more how did he/she get your landlords address. You must have provided that to him/her or he/she would not have gotten it?

Maybe before you start raggin on the company you should take a look at your story and get it straight. Because it seems to me like you have it confused.

Also I can see why there would be an issue with a P.O Box if you think about it anybody can get a P.O Box but you have to live somewhere? If you are so concerned about giving out your address maybe there is something you are trying to hide. Any credit card you apply for(and I know for a fact that Capital one has it right on there application) they will not accept P.O Boxes. So it seems to me like they were under the impression that your landlords address was your address and that is why the card was approved.

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RE: These guys don't have their act together

Postby Vitzbitz » Wed Jan 16, 2008 02:27:43 PM


Seems like an awful lot of hoops to jump through for a "secured" card! I'd be more than a little POd myself.

I'm hoping the supervisor can apply a little common sense here and straighten things out for you, but it doesn't appear to be in great supply so far.
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These guys don't have their act together

Postby BloodyMad » Wed Jan 16, 2008 02:19:50 PM

I applied for my card with my bank draft and received an email back wanting to confirm my physical address since a post box is unacceptable. I sent them a copy of my tenancy agreement which lists my property description (which is the only physical address about 30% of the people in my province have) since Canada Post and most of the couriers don't deliver direct to these rural address anyways. I received an email response saying the card was approved and I would receive it in 7-10 business days.

A month later I phoned the company to see where my credit card was. I found out that they transposed my landlords mailing address to mine. I was promised a card "rushed" and then transferred to customer service to correct the mailing address who then transferred me to lost and stolen cards where I finally straightened out the address and told that I would have to pay $35 for them to rush the card out despite the fact that this was their screw-up. I reluctantly agreed to pay the fee since I had put my vacation money on this card.
A week later I phoned to find out where my card was and got transferred from customer service to someone's voicemail. I called the following day and found out that since my address changed it triggered a review of my account (despite the fact that my address didn't change - they entered the wrong information). Now they needed an actual physical address to send the card to and since Canada Post doesn't deliver direct to the address they would have to confirm with Canada Post that the mail box is assigned by Canada Post. Not only that but now, since I am self employed they need a T-4 to confirm my employment. How many sole operator, sole employee operations issue t-4's - Not Many!!
If the post box was a problem why did the underwriter approve the card?
If the employment information was insufficient why did they not request more information immediately and why did the underwriter approve the card?
Since they screwed up on entering their data why was i being charged to rush the card and why does their data entry error trigger a review of my file?
Why, if the card was not being mailed out immediately as requested did i not receive a phone call, email, or even mail stating so and I had to phone the office to find out about the problem?
Keep in mind this is a secured card. They have my $2000 in hand plus the application fee for more than a month now!!!
I am to expect a call from the supervisor tomorrow but really don't expect much from a company that doesn't seem to have their act together. In the meantime I am short $2000, cancelled our vacation (which I would not have had to do had I been informed in the beginning of these problems) and am as PO'd as can be. I should have just put the money on my prepaid mastercard.
Not very professional for a company using your own money to cover the card limit and not really offering credit at all!!
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