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RE: Is it legal for Iqor to refuse to take my payment?

Postby giggles » Wed May 13, 2009 12:39:50 AM

Check your legal rights before you talk to collectors in the future.

Each province has various consumer protection statutes which detail what collectors can and cannot do in pursuit of debts. Usually, abusive practices, including verbal abuse, are strictly prohibited. Harassing individuals is also prohibited.

The statute may also have a sister statute which creates a statutory authority which is empowered to investigate and sanction people who violate the acts, so you don't have to go to court.

If you have trouble with creditors and don't have a lot of money, find a pro-bono legal clinic, such as a law student's advice program, or go to your local courthouse and inquire about duty council services and appraise yourself of your legal rights before you continue dealing with these jerks.
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RE: Is it legal for Iqor to refuse to take my payment?

Postby RichardC » Tue Mar 17, 2009 01:40:03 PM

Bill collectors do not have the power to modify your credit report. They have no control over when something is listed to your credit report. They are call center agents - that’s all.

Anytime your debt ends up at a collection agency your credit will go south, usually as soon as they get a file they run your credit report and inquire. There is also a R/I 9 reported for most items.

There are some very unique (and few and far between) collection contracts out there where reporting was delayed to the credit report if payment in full was made within 30 days of listing… but here's the thing, that’s a selling feature to paying in full which would be outlined in your first collection notice and talked about with the collector.

Again this is very rare, and may only ever be seen in government debt ( ie student loans).

Your bill collector sounds like he has more stories then Walt Disney. In future, I would get any deal you make in writing.
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RE: Is it legal for Iqor to refuse to take my payment?

Postby montyloree » Tue Mar 17, 2009 09:28:17 AM

Sorry Lenasmith.
I fixed your user name in this post. oy those program gremlins.
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RE: Is it legal for Iqor to refuse to take my payment?

Postby nameuser » Sat Feb 21, 2009 08:33:38 PM

Just pay the original creditor directly and make sure you keep the receipt.

Also, don't ask collection agencies about your credit bureau because they will either lie, or won't know the answer and make something up. Expect it to have already been listed as a bad debt. There is nothing you can do about that, but you can still make payments to the original creditor (it will take awhile for Iqor to show the payments, so they will be upset)
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RE: Is it legal for Iqor to refuse to take my payment?

Postby average_joe » Sat Feb 21, 2009 07:29:42 PM

Who is the original creditor?
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Is it legal for Iqor to refuse to take my payment?

Postby lenasmith » Sat Feb 21, 2009 03:21:10 PM

After explaining my Dad's medical emergency to a man from Iqor, we made the agreement that I would pay $50 on Friday. He also said he would keep my account from being registered in the Credit Bureau for 2 months. I was so grateful. So I called Iqor back to make my $50 payment, but before any of that happened, I asked the man (a different guy) if my account had been registered with the Credit Bureau or not. Just to make sure. He said “I can’t see that but it’s reported to the credit bureau within 30 days of Iqor getting my account, no matter what. It’s automatic.” So I started saying, “But your company has a voice recording of that guy saying it won’t be reported for 2 months.”

I asked to speak to the original guy, from last week. He said, “No, you’ll speak to my supervisor.” His supervisor was the Vice President of the company. Must be an enormous company. Pfft.

Without even knowing what I wanted to discuss, he started saying, “Where’s my $1400?”

This was our conversation:

Me: I had an agreement with your company to pay $50 bucks at first, with the payments gradually rising since my Dad is almost completely healed.
Steve: 50 bucks! HA! Keep your $50. That’s nothing for this $1400 balance.
Me: But I had an agreement with your company. It’s been recorded in your system, and voice records. If we agreed to $50, then it’ll be $50. You can’t unilaterally modify a contract. (Meaning, one side can’t change a term of the verbal contract by themselves, it has to be a mutual agreement)
Steve: Hahaha, you are a badly misinformed 19 year old girl. Badly misinformed.
Me: I have the credit card in my hand, I’m paying this $50.
Steve: Listen, I’ll settle with you. It’ll save you a couple of hundred bucks. I’ll settle for $1200. Nothing will be recorded to the Credit Bureau, but you have to pay it right now.
Me: $1200 doesn’t exist in my world. I put $50 in this instant credit card, and I have 20 bucks in my pocket, and I’m not getting my first paycheque for the next 2 weeks.
Steve: It says here you have to make a $200 payment.
Me: WHAT!! Go over your voice records, and you’ll hear we agreed that it would be 50 bucks! That was the agreement! Why won’t you check your voice records?
Steve: Look, you’ve been talking for 20 minutes, if you’re not gonna make a payment, then why are you calling us?
Me: To make a paaaaaayyymmeeent! You know what, lemme talk to Chris Fuller again. (the guy who transferred me to his supervisor for no reason.) (By now I’m sobbing on the phone.)
Steve: No. Whatever you wanna talk about, it goes through me.

Me: You’re not gonna transfer me back to Chris? I want to pay through him.
Steve: No.
Me: I’m calling Chris.
Steve: Fine.

(I hung up)
(I called right back, dialled Chris’ extension number)

Chris: Hi
Me: Hi Chris? Why did you transfer me to Steve? He just yelled at me.
Chris: Well.
Me: Look, we had an agreement that I was gonna make a $50 payment.
Chris: It says in your file now that I can’t talk to you. It says anyone who opens this file has to transfer you to Steve.

Me: What? He’s the only guy I can talk to in your company?

(transferred me to Steve while I was talking)

Steve: Why do you keep calling here! Stop wasting everybody’s time!
Me: …. Who is this?
Steve: Yes! You know what, give me your payment, just stop calling us and wasting our time!
Me: (I’m sobbing uncontrollably now) K, hold on, let me get my credit card. (10 seconds pass) Hello? Steve? Hello? (I wait for 30 seconds) Hello? Are you there? I have my credit card. (No noise. My cell phone says we’re connected, but I don’t hear breathing or anything.)

That was Iqor’s finishing act. Encore anyone?

My question is, was it legal when he refused to take my payment? Because then it’s documented that I’m refusing to pay my bill. But Steve DIDN’T LET me pay my bill…

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