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Podcast #14 Visit with American Express & Airmiles - 2010-03-14   Duration: 23:16 minutes
I talked to American Express Canada about my American Express Business Gold card with Airmiles. I wanted to know about all of the benefits and features. Next I contacted to learn more about how many airmiles I need to travel, and how to collect more airmiles.
Podcast #11 - Interview with MBNA MasterCard Customer Service - 2010-03-13   Duration: 9:27 minutes
I'm calling MBNA Mastercard to ask about the benefits of my MBNA Platinum Plus Travel Rewards Card. It's an interesting phone call as I actually learned about some features I didn't know about before.!!
Podcast #13 - MBNA Mytravelrewardscentre Canada - 2010-03-12   Duration: 7:37 minutes
I'm talking to MBNA Mastercard Canada about the travel rewards related to my MBNA Platinum Travel Rewards credit card. I want to know how many points are required to travel, and the best way to quickly collect points.
Podcast #12 - Visit with MBNA Master Assist Canada - 2010-03-11   Duration: 7:37 minutes
This call was with MBNA's Masterassist. I was inquiring about the benefits such as the insurances included with the card. Auto insurance if I'm travelling, product warranty insurance etc.
Podcast #10 How to Stop Collection Agency Calls in Canada - 2010-03-10   Duration: 7:49 minutes
Richard Cooper - wrote an article here that I put on my blog and it says, "How to Stop Collection Calls in Canada" and you've got a kind of an interesting angle where you're using some mechanical devices.
Podcast #9 Joel Sopp - Life Insurance Agent - 2010-02-17   Duration: 21:05 minutes
Joel Sopp talks about life insurance and why it's important. He talks about how life insurance requirements change through out the years, as you go from university student to retired. Joel brings out some points that you may not know about life insurance.
Interview #8 Nick Farina - Money in English - 2010-02-16   Duration: 23:20 minutes
Nick Farina helps young people with their money. When youth are just getting out of high school, starting into college, or just getting a job and starting lifetime, he's helping them understand their money. He gives some excellent tips on personal finance for the youth crowd.
Podcast #7 Interview with Laurel Ostfield - Capital One Canada - 2010-02-15   Duration: 17:48 minutes
I had a great visit with Laurel Ostfield who is the communications manager with Capital One Canada. She talked about some new services that are included with her credit cards. She also mentioned some of the things you need to know with regards to dealing with credit card companies.
Podcast #6 Interview with Cleo - H&R Block Tax Service - 2010-02-12   Duration: 23:00 minutes
I interviewed Cleo from H&R Block Tax Services.. She gave me all sorts of tips on what people are looking this tax season. She also mentioned some of the things to look out for when you're planning your taxes... If you want to save money on your taxes this is a good podcast to listen to.
Podcast #5 Ivon Hughes - - 2010-02-10   Duration: 14:30 minutes
Ivon Hughes talks about life annuities in Canada. He's been helping people in Canada with life insurance and annuities since 1972 and is a wealth of information. He talks about why you would need a life annuitie and the best way to shop for it.
Podcast #4 - Promod Sharma - Riscario Insider - 2010-02-09   Duration: 18:30 minutes
Promod Sharma & Monty Loree discuss their experiences with the four hour work week.. There are alot of different aspects to know regarding the four hour work week. We touch on a few of the basic ones.
Podcast #3 Barbara Bryn Klare - - 2010-02-08   Duration: 19:30 minutes
Barbara Bryn Klare is an award winning author, who writes the, the Daily Cash Machine book, and is a columnist for the San Francisco . We talked about her favorite things to blog about, some of the sites she visits and more!
Podcast #2 - Tom Drake - - 2010-02-07   Duration: 18:00 minutes
A great interview with blogger Tom Drake the Edmonton based author and owner of Tom is a financial analyst in the daytime. He likes to blog about making money and saving money, taxes and more. He also shares some of the blogs he likes to visit.
Podcast #1 - Jon Chevreau - Author Findependence Day - 2010-02-02   Duration: 17:30 minutes
Jon Chevreau talks about his book Findependence Day, writing Personal Finance Topics for the Financial Post, and some of the sites he visits on the net. A great first podcast in our Personal Finance Podcasts for Canadians series.
Back Podcasting in 2010! - 2010-02-01   Duration: 2:00 minutes
I've had a year off podcasting, and am excited to introduce that I am starting the 100 Personal Finance Podcasts for Canadians event starting this week - Feb 1st ,2010 It looks like a great year, and we already have a good lineup of people we're going to interview.
FREE DollarMakers bootcamp teleconference call - with Robin Elliott - 2008-08-27   Duration: 48:00 minutes
This is a fabulous interview with Robin J Elliott - President of that we recorded on August 27 2008. He explains why Joint Ventures are important and why DollarMakers is a good organization to work with.
Podcast interview with Gail Vaz-Oxlade Part 1 - 2008-03-12   Duration: 20:00 minutes
There was so much discussion it's hard for me to write about it! Gail and I talked for 73 minutes ! We started off by answering some of the questions on this Q&A discussion area. Some of the hi-lites for me was the discussion about the practicality of saving money vs paying off your credit cards. I also enjoyed hearing what Gail had to say about how people should think about their money. IE.. If you have a house, you need to budget for maintenance expenses.
Podcast interview with Gail Vaz-Oxlade Part 2 - 2008-03-12   Duration: 20:00 minutes
Gail Vaz-Oxlade Cont'd from Part 1
Podcast interview with Gail Vaz-Oxlade Part 3 - 2008-03-12   Duration: 20:00 minutes
Gail Vaz-Oxlade Cont'd from Part 2
Podcast interview with Gail Vaz-Oxlade Part 4 - 2008-03-12   Duration: 13:00 minutes
Gail Vaz-Oxlade Cont'd from Part 3
Nancy Zimmerman - Talking about Gail Vaz-Oxlade's Teleseminar - 2008-02-01   Duration: 5:30 minutes
I had a nice visit with Nancy Zimmerman who is also a money coach in British Columbia. We were talking about Gail Vaz-Oxlade's up coming 1 hour teleseminar about how to help people get out of debt.
Is making money on the internet possible for Canadians? - 2007-10-21   Duration: 10:30 minutes
I did a nice interview with Will Hanke of regarding the possibilities of making money on the internet. Because it relates to money, I wanted Canadians to get an introductory to the idea that making money on the internet is definitely a possiblity and something you can do at home.
Capital One - Secured Credit Cards for Canadians - 2007-10-20   Duration: 2:00 minutes
We are pleased to announce that has been picked to promote the CapitalOne Credit Card line on our website. CapitalOne - Secured MasterCard
Podcast Interview with Andrew Petrick - Active Stock Trader -Part 1 - 2007-10-19   Duration: 8:00 minutes
The following podcast is an interview with Andrew Petrick who does Active Stock Trading each day for a living!! He's unique in that he is able to make money each day using a software system as a guide to help him pick which stocks have a good chance of being on an upward movement when he decides to purchase them.
Podcast Interview with Andrew Petrick - Active Stock Trader -Part 2 - 2007-10-19   Duration: 8:00 minutes
Andrew Petrick Cont'd Part 2
Podcast Interview with Andrew Petrick - Active Stock Trader -Part 3 - 2007-10-19   Duration: 8:00 minutes
Andrew Petrick Cont'd Part 3
Podcast Interview with Andrew Petrick - Active Stock Trader -Part 4 - 2007-10-19   Duration: 14:00 minutes
Andrew Petrick Cont'd Part 4
Sherri Almost Gets Scammed by Advance Fee Loan Scam - Part 1 - 2007-10-14   Duration: 23:00 minutes
This is a great podcast interview with Sherri who is one of our members: Sherri applied for a loan with and actually sent them $500 via western union. After doing some quick research on this site about and realizing that canwestcredit was a scam site, they immediately called Western Union on the phone and cancelled the transfer!! What a stroke of luck!!
Sherri Almost Gets Scammed by Advance Fee Loan Scam - Part 2 - 2007-10-14   Duration: 5:00 minutes
Cont'd from Part 1 - Sherri Almost Gets Scammed, but gets her money back!! from Advance Fee Loan Scam
Barb talks about her 5 years worth of problems with Equifax - 2007-10-12   Duration: 14:00 minutes
Barb talks about her 5 years worth of problems with Equifax Canada & TransUnion Canada. Barb is a member. It was nice to have someone finally come forward and talk to me about their experiences with Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada. Barb who is a property investor in Quebec has been fighting with Equifax for 5 long years and has never been able to get any satisfaction with them. The worst part is that she's been declined for different types of credit because of the credit bureaus unwillingness to help her out.
kenworth73 talks about getting scammed Out of $2,000 - 2007-10-12   Duration: 11:00 minutes
This is an important podcast! Make sure you listen in! After all of the people who have complained on this site about being scammed by unscrupulous advance fee loan scam sites, I was able to finally get somebody to talk to me for my podcast. kenworth73 mentioned that he was scammed for $2000 by
Interview with Beatrice Scott - Canadian Mortgage Broker & Advisor - 2007-10-09   Duration: 17:30 minutes
Today I interviewed Beatrice Scott for this podcast. Beatrice is a Mortgage Broker in British Columbia, Canada. Beatrice is very knowledgeable about mortgages and how to help first time home buyers. She gave us some very good information regarding mortgages in Canada. When you're first starting off with a new home there are many things to know regarding the financing, and the start up costs of the mortgage.
Interview with Canadian Money Coach - Nancy Zimmerman - 2007-10-06   Duration: 16:00 minutes
I am pleased to write about my visit with Nancy Zimmerman who is a money coach in Canada. I asked Nancy what a money coach is, and here's what she replied: "I'm not a life insurance salesman, I don't sell mutual funds or any type of securities". She doesn't sell any financial products. Nancy coaches Canadians about their money... IE.. she yanks them out of their day to day living and gets their head into thinking about how they're spending their money, how they're saving their money etc. news update - 2007-10-04   Duration: 3:30 minutes
I've been working on installing more software so that we can start to offer memberships to this site: The memberships will allow access to very valuable interviews with experts in various money fields in Canada.
Conversation with Angella - RE: Collection Agencies in Canada - 2007-09-28   Duration: 22:00 minutes
Conversation with Angella - RE: Collection Agencies in Canada Have you had a problem with a collection agency in the past? You're one of several thousand who receives phone calls and mail each day collecting money. Please take a minute and listen to this podcast where we give you valuable insights as to how to take control of your dealings with collection agencies in Canada!
Free Stuff for Canadians!! Coupons Online ?!! Free contests to Win ? - In Canada - 2007-09-28   Duration: 23:00 minutes
This podcast is an interview with Theresa Bruce who is the founder of It was fun talking to Theresa as she explained some of the free stuff that can be found on the internet in Canada. She also mentioned that over the years she's personally won thousands of dollars worth of products by contesting, not only in Canada but around the world.
Interview with Phonebusters - Advance Fee Loan Scams - 2007-09-26   Duration: 25:00 minutes
I had a long chat with RCMP's Corporal Louis Robertson - Criminal Intelligence Analytical Unit. Cpl Robertson works with to inform the public about scams and frauds.. I recorded 25 minutes of the call for the following pod cast... it's important to listen to this if you have any questions or complaints regarding being scammed with a bad credit loan scam, advance fee loan scam etc.
Take control of the collection agency call - Tips and Tricks Podcast - 2007-09-08   Duration: 3:00 minutes
Many people who visit this site have experienced the sharp pain of getting a call from a collection agent. This quick tip podcast will show you how to immediately take control over the phone call with the collection agent. This is the first of many collection agency tips. This is a great tip on how to take control with collection agencies.
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