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debts make me sick
- Posted May 29, 2010 by Monty Loree
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Debts Make Me Sick

A person carrying debts makes them physically and emotionally sick. If you will not open up to some one your close to or consult your problems to an expert you will be pressured and anxious. Thinking over and over again on how will you find a solution to solve them? The worst you will fall out. It is very advantage if a person is vocal with regards to his problem, aside it will give you a relief you will also gain knowledge to figure it out and may have lots of varieties to choose from on how to pay your debt.

There are some points of paying debts or mortgage:

a) Earlier investment the more the better

All of us can be debt free if we know which one should be our top priorities. Another mistake that we keep on doing is when we have plenty of money we will not pay them on time or we don’t put our money to where it is intended to be but rather they are diverted into other things. Investment is far better than having a debt today.

b) Early retirement is an option

Most people want to retire early but debts and other big money problems make them work longer even at 70. If you have too much extra you can pay your retirement free as early as you want so that by the time you want to relax and retire you can still have an income .But retirement today is still a big option whether to retire or not. Your future as well as your family’s future depends on your own free will

c) Satisfactory to reduce debts

Person should have contentment whether in work or at home. Without this a person might be involve in a big consequences later on or even more. For example: a person has a happy home already, but because he’s not satisfied for what he has. He craves for more even if he can’t afford it. All of his monthly income would only go to debit cards or loans. In a long run without knowing they are now full of debt and made them difficult to overcome.

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Kiplinger Site Review
- Posted May 28, 2010 by Monty Loree
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Kiplinger Site Review

Kiplinger is a publisher of business forecasts and advising personal finance either in prints, online, audio, video and software products in Washington. It was established by W. M. Kiplinger (1891-1967), who served as editor in chief of all publications. Although this publication is run by editorial leadership it was turn out to be successful and receives nearly 1.5 million unique visits per month.

Kipler is not only about summaries of current economic forecasts, a political blog or economic analysis but it also talks on personal financial. And over the past decades number of personal finance strategies and investment products became so popular. That they even invested to published some of their financial advices on books like Practical Guide to Your Money, Buying and Selling a Home, Guide to Investing Success, Money Smart Women, Raising Money Smart Kids, Financing College and Retire Worry-Free. All of this is published by Kaplan Publishing.

For more information about these books visit the links:

The site is also about insurance, investments, taxes, business and retirement. Each of these topic gives you more information, advises and personal solutions regarding its matter. But the good of this site is they have their own personal finance magazine which gives more information through online. Over time they are the trusted one who allows reader’s to join and share their opinions in a panel forum.
One of the topics in their personal finance magazine is about Choosing Your Financial Planner.

Financial planners and independent financial advisers are planners who specialize in portfolio management; their main work is for mass-market banks and brokerages. Although most planners will charge you on high cost you must look for his good performance. Not thinking for whom he represents but to what he could offer to your investment and management. By this it will give you a satisfaction in hiring him.
This article is written by Jeffrey R. Kosnett, Senior Editor, Kiplinger's Personal Finance in October 2009. For more information about this topic here’s the link:

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personal finance advice
- Posted May 25, 2010 by Monty Loree
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Personal Finance Advice

Whether we like it or not, all of us have a debt. A Personal Financial should be considered as most top priorities of every person’s life, especially to a family unit. Sometimes people will experience bankruptcy because they don’t plan well regarding on how they would pay their loan debt, school or medical expenses and even retirement leaving you shocked by the huge bill at your door.

Setting a goal is a good principle. When setting your goal it means your setting yourself from financial problems or perhaps it will help you pay your debt lightly.
How? By making financial statements on budgeting, source of income, investments and your cash flow. With these you can manage easily if you spend more than you save and by the end of every statement you can determine whether you achieved your goal or not.

There are two types of financial goal: short term goal and the long term goal. In short term goal it can be household expenses, appliances loan or a vacation trip. While the long term goal is a home, education and retirement. Each goal should have a target date when to achieve. By this you will be practice in establishing your priorities.

So if we already set our goal and established good priorities how can we take control over our personal finances?
Here are some tips:

1) Create a budget plan
- It is a very simple principle. After you make money you spend that money but even if it’s so simple it is where the big problem usually came because most people don’t know how to budget.
Budgeting can help you not to overspend on something but to save more for something because by creating a budget plan you can clearly see your cash flows like how much your going to spend on petrol or your mobile credits.
2) Cutting expenses
- Once you’re done budgeting and determine how much you are going to spend you can save money already because you are now cutting some of your expenses. By planning and budgeting you can now manage and you may even realized that most of your expenses before are not that important. For example: every month you spend 300$ going on a parlor. If it’s not that urgent to go and have your nails primp. Why not make it after every two months.
3) Review your expenses
- Every now and then it is better for you to review your expenses because from it you will know if your goal has been achieved or not. If the answer is yes, then you are ready to set another goal or might consider investing greater plans for the future.

Some of us will find a financial adviser or even hire a personal financial analyst. But the most important of all is to educate yourself on how to handle even your personal finances. Putting good principles can be of great help to financial freedom.

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Identity Theft Watch out
- Posted May 29, 2009 by Monty Loree
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Identity Theft! Watch out!

Do take a few minutes to read this article as you may be one of the victims of identity theft. Identity theft is a condition where someone erroneously uses your personal information to get loan, steal money, transfer credit, open new accounts etc., in your name. You may not know about it until maybe you plan to get a loan or buy a new house. Or worse, when you are asked to pay back a loan that someone else has taken in your name. Though you cannot completely make sure that no one uses your personal information falsely, you could be a little more cautious by regularly going through your credit reports.

In case you have already been affected by identity theft then there are a few steps that you should follow as soon as possible. With evidence, report the matter firstly to the three major credit reporting agencies - Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, then, to the police and the Federal trade commission. Finally in case of fraud report it to the concerning credit card company. It is extremely mandatory for you to report the problem immediately after you notice it. Any delay might work against you.

In case of Social Security number (SSN) misuse, though the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not usually assist in identification of theft victims, do contact the SSA on time, to report Social Security benefit fraud, employment fraud, or welfare fraud.

Once you are done with reporting, keep track of your credit reports. Try to make it regular. Make use of the law which helps to obtain free credit reports at the end of every 12 months. In case of any suspicious dealings, immediately call or mail the concerned creditor or bank and let them know about it. If you are lucky enough you may be able to trace the thief or in the least, resolve your problem. Once your identity theft dispute with a company has been resolved, get the company’s closure, on the disputed accounts, in black and white. This will come in handy in case the problems relating to this account resurfaces.

As the good old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. It is very important to make your Social Security number, credit card numbers, or other financial account information, more personal. Once the identity thief catches hold of any of these details then you are sure to confront a tough battle against all the mess that he would make. So the next time you dispose your bills which has personal or financial information or fill up your personal information in unknown websites, think twice. It might as well be someone who is trying to steal information about you and use it to drain your financial savings and destroy your reputation.

Be exceptionally watchful over the internet. This is the medium where you can easily spill over personal information. If you feel that a particular website is not authorized, then make sure you do not enter any personal information in it. And do not open spam messages. You can help others from falling victim to this kind of fraud by spreading awareness among your family and friends.

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Getting a Loan from Banks
- Posted May 29, 2009 by Monty Loree
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Getting a Loan from Banks

Before you think of getting a loan from banks, make sure that you are well prepared. Do small researches on all the things that you need to know before you apply for a bank loan. Consider the kind of loan you will be requiring – long term or for a particular period, the total amount you will need, how you are planning to use the money and mainly how you will be paying it back in time. And most importantly, think of all the short comings that you may face during the loan period. For example, if you are planning to start a business, you need to have a clear plan of how you would execute it. Your plan will decide if you are worthy enough for the loan. The bank is flooded with thousands of proposals to get loans each day. Only if your plan is crisp and well sketched will the bank consider it. Once that is accepted and you are able to convince the bank with your business strategy then you have crossed half the well.

Though banks are more comfortable and opt for financing the up and running business which shows promise, it also risks in lending a loan to start a new venture. Basically, all they want to know is if they can rely on you. If they are sure of your trustworthiness, then you can be sure of getting the loan from them. Your credit history speaks a lot about you. If you have been paying your due in time, it will help the bank to know more about your sincerity.

Apart from your character, the bank also bets on things that you own. This is known as security or assets. Before the bank sanctions the loan, you are asked to submit details regarding the security you own. The security includes –

  • Government bonds
  • Shares, land, building that you own,
  • Fixed deposits
  • Machineries – both movable and immovable
  • Vehicles

Showing proof of any of these above assets will ensure that you are granted a loan. Even if in some unfortunate circumstance you are unable to pay the loan, then the bank can cease your security. “Sureties” (any well known reliable account holder) can be your referral. A fine bond with the bank will make things smoother for you. Maintaining this connection during the loan period will help in easing out any misunderstandings that might occur later.

There are different types of loan offered by the bank. Few of them are – industry loan, vehicle loan, personal loan, commercial loan, housing loan, educational loan, etc. Though each bank differs in their own set of rules or terms in offering loans, a good credit report increases your chances. Opt for banks that offer flexible repayment terms. Look into all the terms and conditions of the bank before you apply for the loan.

The main advantage of acquiring loan from the bank when compared to other means is that it is easier to get. Though initially your credibility is under scrutiny, once they are sure of you, you won’t be having any problems.

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what are credit tips
- Posted May 19, 2009 by Monty Loree
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What are credit tips?
Purchasing an Toronto-area home may be a far different experience than it was just a couple years ago. If you purchased a home in Toronto - or virtually any other part of the country, for that matter - during the height of the housing and {{{credit}}} boom, you will likely have breezed right through the loan application process. As a result of government-encouraged incentives, {{{lenders}}} developed a myriad of loan programs to put homeowners into homes - some of which they simply could not have afforded otherwise. We are all more than aware of the result of these loan programs and the havoc it wreaked on our nation. As a result, banks have switched gears entirely; in fact, the good majority of individuals in the United States can no longer breeze through a loan application for a mortgage. Changes in the Lending Industry that may Affect you when Purchasing a Home:

Traditional loan programs rule. If you are looking for one of the trendy loan programs of years past, you may be out of luck. No-doc loans, subprime {{{loans}}} and interest-only loans are now, for the most part, a thing of the past, and have been replaced with more traditional loan programs. What does this mean for you? Traditional loans generally consist of 15 to 30-year loans with a hefty down payment (about 20 percent). These loans also require documentation regarding your debts, your income and your credit. ~ Competitive Loan Rates are now the Name of the Game. Those looking to purchase or refinance will likely experience excellent, competitive interest rates, provided they have the credit to back it up. Interest rates are now at near-historic lows, so this is certainly a prime opportunity for those with excellent credit.

Down payments are required - so start saving now! Many of the alternative loan programs required very little - if any - down payment monies, but that went away as quickly as the easy credit. Expect to have at least 20 percent down of the purchase price of a home, maybe more, depending on the lender's requirements. You can raise your FICO score by paying off credit card debt, by always making the payments on your monthly bills (in time and in full), and by keeping your debt-to-income ratio at a reasonable level. Don't forget that many things come into play regarding your FICO score. Even your utility bills can come back to haunt you if you've failed to pay them on time. Realtors represents buyers and sellers of real estate in Toronto, Ontario including homes for sale in Bowmanville. Article Source:

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what is credit repair
- Posted May 10, 2009 by Monty Loree
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Credit repair in Canada is a recently new term term that has been around for the since the late 1990's.

Credit repair has to do with your Equifax credit report, and your TransUnion credit report. By law, everything on your credit report needs to be accurate, complete and verifiable. Many times what happens is that there are data entry errors, or reporting errors on an individuals credit report that are not reporting the true status of a person's credit history. Items that are reported on a credit report can be your personal contact information, credit information, public information inquiries and more.

You need to ensure that your credit information is perfectly correct, accurate and verifiable. The ensures that you have complete control over what is being reported about you to current and future creditors.

Items that could be wrong on your credit report � Identity Theft items could occur on the credit report. � Name Misspelled � Employers misspelled � Address information recorded incorrectly � Credit card or bank loan Information reported incorrectly & Duplicate items listed & Payment history errors & Collection agency Items reported illegally or incorrectly & Delinquent accounts reported incorrectly. & Unverified credit inquiries & Unverified credit or collection items

There are approximately 45 different types of information on a credit report. And because of the methods they are entered in to you credit report, there could be errors. If you suspect that there are errors, inaccuracies or unverifiable items on your credit report, then you need to start the credit repair process.

The credit repair process is as follows: Identify the credit report line item that needs to be fixed. Write a letter to the company that originated the information. This could be the collection agency, creditor, court, etc. As them to fix the error and re report the item to the credit bureau. Write a letter to the credit reporting agency asking them to investigate the item and then fix it as necessary. Wait for the responses and then repeat the process if necessary.

If required you can complain to your provincial Consumer Protection Agency to have them enforce your credit dispute if you're not getting the appropriate action from the credit bureau and the originator of the credit listing.

The main point of the credit repair process is to ensure that your current, and future creditors are getting 100% accurate information about you and your credit history. It is very important to make sure that they make accurate credit decisions for you.

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for sale 1998 plymouth voyager mini van white pics
- Posted May 03, 2009 by Monty Loree
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FOR SALE: 1998 Plymouth Voyager Mini Van:
White - PICS

What a shameless way to sell our mini van... I thought I would post it on the blog. :)

AS OF: May 3, 2009

1998 Plymouth Voyager Mini Van FOR SALE


FOR SALE: 1998 Plymouth Voyager Mini Van: White - PIC 1
Front Passenger Side View

FOR SALE: 1998 Plymouth Voyager Mini Van: White - PIC 2
Rear Driver Side View

FOR SALE: 1998 Plymouth Voyager Mini Van: White - PIC 3
Rear Passenger Side View

This van is really good condition. We've owned the van since 2001.

New tires - 1 year old
Air conditioning
Power locks
power windows
power rear (fin) windows
3.3L - 6 cylinder engine
150,000 KMs ( low kilometers)

Located in REGINA, SK

REASON FOR SELLING: We purchased a new car and no longer need this vehicle.

The thing I like about the Plymouth Voyager, is that it's a common vehicle. There aren't a shortage of parts available. This is a well built vehicle by Chrysler. It's made for the family. It has extra outlets from which we plugged in a TV , cooler etc on our trips out west to Calgary, AB.

This has served us well as a family vehicle for the last several years.

For Sale
1998 Plymouth Voyager Mini Van for Sale
Low Kilometers, - 150,000KM
Family Vehicle

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How The Debt Based Monetary System Functions In Canada
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Retail Theft Could Get You Sued
I am sick of all you so called legal counsel, wanting money from me , there was a reason i was stealing the items in the first place, i have no money!
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Some honest advice... if you need a card to use online DON'T EVEN THINK of using this one. Terrible customer server that disconnects calls on you and
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