• There's a treat you don't get every day. Some body actually recording a collection agent's phone call on tape.

    Collection agent caught on tape! thanks to wj feder

    I listened to two of the recordings. (Beware that the loading time of the mp3 file took a bit. )

    When the man asked the collection agent for the name of the collection agencies company, the collection agent refused to answer that. That makes it an illegal phone call. If somebody doesn't identify themself they could be calling from an illegal telemarketing company!! I would never give money to a company that I'm not sure about.

    I would encourage everybody who gets collection calls to record them and put them on here. That way people can know actually what collection agencies sound like and the tactics they use. You won't be shocked if you get a call like this and you'll know what to do if you get one.

    Thanks wj feder!

    Article Created: 2006-02-16
    Article Updated: 2009-05-20

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