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100 podcast interview partners wanted personal finance
- Posted December 29, 2009 by Monty Loree
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100 Podcast Interview Partners Wanted - Personal Finance

So many times we visit and read blogs about personal finance.. We visit sites which promote products and services that help us either make more money, or save money. I thought it would be a great idea to interview 100 people involved in personal finance to get the low down on the industry.

After writing hundreds of articles , and thousands of discussion posts, I thought it would be nice to interview others in the industry and get their fresh perspective on things.

If you're one of these people, I would like to interview you!!

I am looking for 100 podcast partners to interview in 2010 as follows:
~ Personal Finance Blogs
~ Owners/Managers of companies who service the personal finance industry:
~ Mortgage Brokers,
~ Investment Counsellors,
~ Life Insurance Agents,
~ Creditors,
~ Collection Agencies,
~ Credit Bureaus
~ Motivation and Education Consultants who help their clients make more money

Sharing ideas and concepts for our personal finance visitors.
The objective for our interviews is to give our visitors news about the industry, some new insights and tips from experts who are involved everyday!

Suggested Topics:
For Bloggers
~ What got you interested in Personal Finance Blogging?
~ How long have you been blogging?
~ What is the subject you like to blog about most?
~ What are 3 of your favorite personal finance blogs?
~ What are 3 of your favorite personal finance websites/products/services?

For Industry Service Providers
~ What service do you provide?
~ What are Products/services you offer that can help our visitors save/make money?
~ What are the Benefits of your product/service?

For Motivation & Education Consultants
~ How does your service relate to the personal finance industry?
~ How does your service help our visitors make/save money?
~ Can you give one or two case studie examples from your own experience, where your service helped an individual make/save money?

~ The premise of the show is to help our visitors learn more about existing resources and services.
~ You must have a few years experience in the personal finance industry if you're a service provider.
~ This is not an advertisement for your product or service
~ You need to indicate when you're available to be interviewed. (I prefer to do my interviews in the morning)
~ I will be doing these 100 interview throughout 2010.. Booking early is important.
~ It would be beneficial, however, not imperative if you could write a little promotional piece and put it on your blog/site to tell your readers about our interview. This way, your visitors would get the full benefit of our interview as well.
~ There is no cost to you for this interview.
~ I will need to see your topic ideas a few days before we do the actual interview

If you're interested please email me at:

Or leave a comment below..

Thanks.. I'm looking forward to a great year doing 100 interviews!

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what are life insurance rates
- Posted December 28, 2009 by Monty Loree
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What are Life Insurance Rates?

Importance of life coverage
Insurance is a protection that you take against uncertainties and complications in the future. There are various types of insurance but the most important is life insurance. This provides solace to the insurer that his loved ones will get financial assistance after his demise. The insurer however has to pay regular payments to the insurance company for a period of time or until his death. The insurer also has to specify a nominee or any number of nominees who will get the financial assistance. The nominees have to claim the insurance after the demise by providing proper credentials. It is a good and recommended practice to inform the nominee about it. There have been several insurance policies that lie unclaimed with insurance companies. Life insurance policies are of different types and the insurer can choose anyone based on his requirement and suitability. The life insurance rates change based on the type of insurance policy taken.

Insurance quotes for Canadians
The insurance providers in Canada offer two types of life insurance mainly. The types are Term insurance and Full life insurance. The former is for a period of time only. At the expiry of the contract, the insurance cover ceases. This might be used in specific cases only. Full life insurance is for the whole life. The premiums should be continued to be paid by the insurer. The money however serves two purposes. A part of the premium goes towards life insurance and the rest will go towards investment. The investment could be either in deposit account with a bank or in a unit linked plan for investing in shares and stock market. The life insurance rates of term insurance are comparatively lesser than full life cover. The purpose of term insurance is solely for providing cover against life. Full life insurance however deals with both cover and investment. There are lots of sites which provide quotes for insurance policies for Canadian people. They get schemes and details from almost all insurance providers in Canada. The quotes will be displayed based on the information provided by the users. The expectations of the insurer from the policy are collected. Some medical information is also collected. These quotes will tell you which policy to take and the amount of insurance cover that might be taken. This amount should be based on the dependants of the insurer and their income.

Which type of insurance to take?
The different types of insurance have their own purposes. Term insurance can be used by small families whose main aim is for protection in case of death. The life insurance rates are also lower. The insurers however do not enjoy many benefits other than cover. Full life insurance can be useful for tax planning purposes and as a long term investment plan. Some people go in for this full life to get both cover and get returns on them. The decision to go for the insurance policy should be made after consultations with the financial advisor or manager. There are different types of policies for different people.

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what is penny stock advice
- Posted December 28, 2009 by Monty Loree
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What is Penny Stock Advice?

Penny stocks and investment
Stock markets are one of the areas where you can put money into it and watch it grow. This has attracted people so much that share markets were established to enable them trade the shares and the stocks. The people trading in stock markets are so much that a large company has market capitalization running hundreds of millions of dollars. The share prices of such shares are also in terms of tens of dollars to even touching hundreds for some. Such shares are out of reach of people for those who have a small budget. These people however can invest in Penny stocks. These stocks are of small companies that are not popular and profit making to be traded on the main share markets. They have a share price of lesser than $1 to even $5. The market capitalization of these stocks is also very less. These stocks can be considered second rung stocks that mainstream brokers stay away from. A fresher before investing in penny stock should take penny stock advice before investing.

Steps to do before investing
Investing in penny stocks needs more research and homework to be done before investing when compared to mainstream shares. The details about penny stocks are tough to get since they are small companies and will be hard to get information. There are listings of penny stocks that are doing well or which are promising as a prospect to invest. The investor can collect the companies that he might look at from them. There are also penny stock leads which could be utilized to get information. The investor must then narrow his choices to two companies. The investor should look at the company�s financial status, profitability, management and recent progress when deciding the company. The investor can also get advice from any eminent expert in the field. They would be able to give any inside information about the company. The sector where the company operates should also be researched to know its prospects. The recent news about the company if any can be got from financial articles and on the internet. The best penny stock advice is to do a lot of research before investing.

Precautions and care to be taken
Penny stocks are highly speculative as an investment. The investor could either get manifold on his investment or end up losing all his money. There are also lots of irregularities and scandals revolving around penny stocks. Penny stocks are sued by companies to make profit illegally. They will increase the share price by false propaganda and sell a lot of shares when it increases. The investor should not fall into such traps. The investor should get a good broker to manage the transactions. Most brokers prefer not to involve in these stocks. There are some online websites that help the investors to trade penny stocks in Canada. Since the number of shares is less for penny stocks, it may be difficult to buy or sell these stocks. The best penny stock advice is to tread with caution and care when dealing with these stocks.

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i saved 89 on annual fee mbna
- Posted December 15, 2009 by Monty Loree
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I saved $89 on Annual Fee - MBNA
I called MBNA today to switch my card over to a No Annual Fee card..

The customer service mentioned that I have an incredibly low interest rate on this card... MBNA Travel Rewards Platinum.. the rate is 7.99% which is pretty sweet.. I also have 1.99% interest on balance transfers until October 2010.!! That's pretty sweet as well.

I'm not crazy about the $89 annual interest rate. I told the CSR that I want to switch over to another credit card that doesn't charge the annual fee.. He indicated that I probably wouldn't get the same low interest rate if I changed to another card.

The CSR asked to be excused for a moment while he checked my options... when he returned on the line, he quickly indicated that he would remove the $89 annual fee, for this year, if I stayed with this card.

While I'll have to call back again next year... I saved $89 with a 6 minute phone call! This goes to show that MBNA is ready to give you a break, if you've got good credit. The other main point here is this: You may be able to save on interest rates and annual rates if you call your creditors.

The Keys To My Success in this regards:
If you're wondering why I get such good rates, and good privileges, I've done the following:
• Had the card since 2000
• Paid it up as agreed since then.
• My credit score is around 805
• I don't carry a balance.

These all make me able to negotiate favorable rates with MBNA.

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some downsides of being frugal
- Posted December 11, 2009 by Monty Loree
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Some Downsides of Being Frugal
On the overall, my family is pretty frugal... We are by nature , which makes it easier to live the lifestyle...

I've taken up watching DIY Network and it's shows. I like the concept of saving money by do it yourself home repairs. I'll be honest, many of the repairs they show are really expensive. Kitchen renovations for $20,000, bathroom renovations for $15,000, bedroom renovations for $10,000 etc..

Many of these expensive renovations have some of the latest and fancy gadgets. They're much more than adding insulation and new drywall.

In our situation, I am not a handyman, and I don't want to take on credit for home renovations.

Downside #1 of Being Frugal: Home Renovations
One of the first downsides of being frugal is that I'm not really the handyman type, and it costs money to bring in a contractor to do home renovations.. I refuse to take on debt to fix up the house.. Our house is paid off, and I'm not interested to get mortgaged up again.

• Quite frankly, we need a new floor in the kitchen.
• Our house has had problems with black mold, and drywall needs to be replaced.
• Our basement foundations are cracked and in some places the concrete is pretty much like sand. It needs to be replaced.
• We can't do alot of other major renovations because of the basement's problems.

Our financial policy is cash only.. So.. realistically the basement and other renovations are going to take years to save up for.

Downside #2 of Being Frugal: Yard Renovations
Our yard is kind of basic. Nothing really exciting. The grass is old and outdated, there are no fancy features and our garden needs alot of work.

Again this is not something I envision myself doing. I would rather hire a contractor in some cases than do yard work. (I'm glad the yard is covered in snow right now... at least my conscience gets a break in this regard for six months! ) It's important to note that I am learning about home renovations, but after not doing them ever, it's going to be a long learning curve...

I'm curious to know anybody's recommendations for getting home & yard renovations done, but using cash only. If you've got ideas, I'm really excited to hear about them.

Frugal Home Maintenance & Frugal Yard maintenance.

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balsam hill canada christmas trees
- Posted December 11, 2009 by Monty Loree
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Balsam Hill Canada Christmas Trees

I was asked to write a review about the Balsam Hill Christmas Tree site.
As it's getting close to Christmas, they're excited to show people their lovely select of trees, wreaths & garlands, ornaments and skirts and more.

Saving Money on Christmas Costs

As we're always concerned about saving money on things, the Artificial Christmas Trees is one way to save money over the long term. Artificial Christmas Trees can save money if you use them over a 10-20 year period. And.. they save the environment by not killing live trees for the three usage. If every Canadian family who celebrated christmas used artificial trees, we would save millions of trees.

If you like nice things for your family christmas celebration then check out Balsam Hill's wreaths & garlands collection. They got sizes from 24" to 60" wreaths. These would go nicely on all Christmas Trees. They've got styles from Aspen Christmas, Vermont Signature, Napa Christmas, and the Classics Collection. They have pictures on their site which will help you pick your favorite one.

This site is nicely laid out and simple to follow. If you're in the market for that special christmas treat or even an Artificial Christmas Tree , you should check out this site... They really do have nice stuff.

As I usually do with these types of reviews... I always caution people to spend money that they have saved up. I do not recommend that people spend money that they can't afford, or put the purchase on a credit card that they don't have cash reserves to pay back right away. Christmas purchases should be fun, and as such you shouldn't be paying for them with interest over the long haul... Bottom line, if you don't have the cash, please don't make the purchase. Please Purchase responsibly.

Balsam Hill Christmas Trees

Sponsored Review

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what is accident cover insurance
- Posted December 07, 2009 by Monty Loree
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What is Accident Cover Insurance?

Human life can best be characterised by various elements of uncertainty. Insecurity means that accidents may happen at any time, and with anyone. The bad thing is that serious accidents have a very negative impact not only on the person who suffered it, but also on his/her family. In order to prevent at least the financial concerns in such circumstances, insurance companies designed a special product called Accident Plans to provide some kind of financial security for those who suffered an accident as well as for their families. These policies ensure that if an accident takes place, a benefit is given to those insured individuals who are seriously injured or if they die, such benefit is given to their families.
What kinds of injuries are covered by this policy? Benefits are paid in the event of the insured’s accidental death, but also if the person suffers the following injuries due to an accident:

  • Quadri-, para- or hemiplegia
  • Total/ permanent loss of use of one’s limbs
  • Deafness
  • Blindness

So in one word, Accident cover is used to protect the insured and his/her family from the negative financial consequences of the insured person’s injuries resulting from a serious accident. It gives the financially reassuring feeling that in case an accident happens, and the person becomes permanently disabled to work, the insurance company will provide a lump sum as insurance benefit. This means people get financial help when they need it most. Moreover, insured individuals also get a certain amount of money for each day of hospitalisation. Also an immediate lump sum is given in case of disability, the amount being based on the nature and seriousness of the injury.
An important advantage of accident insurance policies is that they address the majority of the key life -stages, from the young through new parents until the older generation. Moreover, Accident Cover gives applicants differentiation by providing them with many flexibility features in order to meet each applicant’s unique needs. The policy thus can be personalised, so one may get a specific coverage against professional hazards for instance. In addition to this, people may add the Children's Insurance option to their accident plans. This will provide an additional benefit to pay medical bills, tuition fees or similar expenses in case one’s child contracts a serious illness.
Is there anything important to know about eligibility? In order to be eligible, people must be at least 18 and under 70, and they should be permanent residents of England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Applicants must be able to demonstrate they have at least 40 weeks residency in any year in the previously enumerated places. When insured people reach 65, their cover ceases to provide protection against permanent total disability and coverage ceases entirely at age 75.
What is the application procedure? The easiest way to apply is either online or over the phone. The whole application procedure will take only a few minutes: people have to answer a few questions, and there are neither blood tests, nor any medical tests. Cover may start as soon as the next working day after the application. Generally people are given a period of 30 days to review their policies and decide whether it is right for them. If they change their minds during this trial-period, people may cancel their plans for free.

One of the main benefits this kind of policy offers is the global coverage. Insured individuals are covered anywhere in the world for the majority of the possible accidents. Nevertheless, it is of primary importance for people to get the necessary information regarding what exactly is covered and what is not. So people are advised to read out the terms and conditions of the policy and ask the company about those elements or features that are not clear.

It is unfortunately true that we cannot prevent accidents, but at least we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from the negative financial consequences of such accidents. A protective insurance we may conclude typically provide:

  • an extensive accident cover from as low an amount as £4-5 a month
  • easy and permissive eligibility criteria (almost anybody is eligible)
  • a possibility to increase the coverage-level up to £150,000
    policy guaranteed without medical examinations
  • Tax-free cash payments
  • the security of fixed insurance premiums that do not change as the insured gets older
  • options to get additional protection for the insured’s entire family (for instance, people may cover their partners as well)
  • worldwide, 24/7 insurance-protection
  • benefits in addition to other policies the insured has
  • coverage until the insured becomes 75
  • 30 day period of money-back guarantee

Talking about the cover in details, people should know that the following are involved: permanent total disability (a coverage of £100,000), loss of sight either in one eye (£50,000), or in both eyes, loss of use of either a limb (£50,000), or of two limbs, loss of hearing (£20,000 - £100,000), loss of use of a hip, knee, ankle, or wrist (£10,000 for each), shoulder (£12,500), thumb (£7,500), any finger or toe (£5,000), hospitalisation up to a maximum of 180 days (£50 per day), and accidental death (£10,000). The amounts given in brackets are approximate sums of money given if the insured suffers the injuries in question. In order to know the exact amounts provided people should get up-to-date information from their insurance providers.

As with any insurance policy, people should keep in mind that there are some excluding factors or limitations. With an Accident Cover there are no benefits for accidents that are direct or indirect consequences of the insured person’s suicide or attempted suicide. Similarly, alcohol or drug use is also an excluding factor. There is no benefit given if any of the previously mentioned injuries happen 12 or more months after the accident. Nevertheless, people who conclude this type of policy are recommended to read out the full details of exclusions that are valid for the policy.

A final advice for applicants is to review their needs and financial situation from time to time. Regularly made analyses should involve people’s coverage-level and premiums. Anybody may change his/her policy: it is possible to decrease the coverage-level, but also to increase it by attaching additional cover to it for extra costs. In order to make changes, people should consult with the insurance providing company. In any case it is of primary importance to understand what kind of coverage is offered and check whether it is right for one’s particular circumstances. Only this ensures that one purchases a suitable policy.

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getting a mortgage after bankruptcy
- Posted December 07, 2009 by Monty Loree
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Getting a Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

Getting a mortgage after bankruptcy in Canada has changed since dramatically since Oct 2008. Sub prime lenders no longer exist, and no longer offer the “day after discharge” options, nor are most of them even operating at all!

To understand how to gain a mortgage after bankruptcy in Canada today, you should follow a simple 5 step process which will properly walk you through the hoops you need to jump through in order to gain trustworthiness again. It is critically important that you follow each of these steps in the correct order. Doing the steps out of order normally will result in failure, or frustration.

Step 1 - Gain your Absolute Discharge & Pay Proposal in Full First.

Since you are not fully complete your bankruptcy until you are discharged, your first priority should be gaining your absolute discharge which would mean fulfilling your trustee’s directions as soon as you possibly can. With a Consumer Proposal, your goal is to pay off your proposal in full, which would equate into the same thing as gaining your Absolute Discharge if you had gone down the bankrupt option. Once you have been discharged for 2 years, or proposal paid for 2 years, you can qualify for a mortgage again with regular interest rates as if you had not gone bankrupt.

Step 2 - Clean Credit Score

By far the most important step I can assure you that 95% of the time is done incorrectly or has not been done at all. You need to review your credit score to ensure it is reporting accurately and the information from your PAID Proposal or your Absolute Discharge are reporting accurately. If your credit score is not reporting accurately, it is very common to see problems or issues with trying to gain credit since lenders are "confused" about your credit score. A clean score is the hardest part to gain in order to restart yourself back into the world of credit. It is 100% necessary that you re-establish your credit as there are limited exceptions with people who don't have credit after a bankruptcy. I have provided a easy process to fix your credit reports on your own with both Equifax and TransUnion. You can visit that information on my site here: Clean Up Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Step 3 - Gaining New Credit

It is important that you need to gain new credit from AFTER the date of your discharge or your paid proposal date. Holding credit though your proposal or bankruptcy will help your credit score number rise if you are using it responsibly, however, it will not count towards “ReEstablished Credit” which is vitally important. You will need anywhere from 1 year of ReEstablished Credit to 2 Years of ReEstablished Credit with a minimum of 2 trade lines reporting over $1,000 each. It is a good idea to gain stronger limits of $1,000 or more, $200 credit cards really don’t support strength in ReEstablishment. Car Loan, Credit Cards, and RRSP Loans are by far the more normal way's people have done this in the past.

Step 4 - Accumulating a Down Payment

Today it is possible to gain a mortgage with as little as 5% as a down payment after bankruptcy and Proposal. You would still be able to gain the same interest rate with 20% down as well, however, the more down payment you have the better the capacity it will show the lenders that you have, which will increase their trust level with you and their application. The down payment normally has to be accumulated from your own resources. The lenders want to know that you have a financial investment into the property and that you are not willing to walk away from the property.

Step 5 - Gaining A PreApproval

Once you have the first 4 steps out of your way, you want to gain a lenders affirmation that they are prepared to move forward with your application. Gaining a PreApproval will not guarantee your success to financing, however, it will give you affirmation that the lender is willing to proceed with you, as long as the insurer agrees with the risk assessment the lender just preformed on you. The property still would need to come into play, and that information is not available when you do a PreApproval.

For a full detailed summary of more information on each of these Steps, feel free to visit my website at:

Steps After Bankruptcy - ShopMyMortgage


Matt Wieler, AMP


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payday loans and cash advance
- Posted December 07, 2009 by Monty Loree
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Payday Loans and Cash Advance

It happens very often that we run out of money before we get our next pay checks, which could be very disappointing, especially if some urgent financial obligations apply. Or there may happen that we become sick and urgently need some expensive medicine, but we do not have enough money as the payday is far away. In these kinds of circumstances the so-called Payday Loans can be quite useful tools to help us get out of trouble.

But what exactly are payday loans? The term refers to a payday cash advance in the form of a small personal loan for the short term, which does not require any collateral from applicants. This unsecured loan is offered for special circumstances, such as urgent cash needs, or for those who need quick cash but due to poor credit rating cannot get other unsecured loans. So if one has no money, but has an unpaid bill which may have very negative consequences, it is better to take out a cash advance in the form of a short-term payday loan. This will save people from having financial difficulties until they receive their next pay checks. It is important to notice that most of the times payday loans tend to be cheaper than paying late payment charges because of being late with bill-payments.

Talking about the process of taking out this loan, one should notice the following. Because it is an unsecured loan, qualifying for it is not complicated. The important issue is that people should have a fixed income in order to be able to repay this loan. People may choose retail lending which means one gets the loan from a payday-lending store, but there is another choice, namely getting the loan online, from a payday loan site. No matter which way is chosen, the application procedure is quite a simple one. After filling in the payday loan application form, loan providers decide about the eligibility of the applicant, and send eligible candidates the needed cash.

It is always useful to shop around, and find the best payday loan offer, as some creditors may offer flexible payment schemes. The calculation of the maturity date also differs from institution to institution, and so do the interest rates. However, even those payday loans that have high interests tend to be more advantageous than accumulating late-payment charges.

The advantages of payday loans are clear by now, but let’s summarize them again! One of the main reasons for which payday loans are used is that they are less expensive than other personal loans that are open to the public. They are also more advantageous than paying late-payment fees which applies if one cannot meet his/her financial obligations such as paying bills and so on. It is obvious that for people who do not have but need money as fast as possible, but only for the short run, the most convenient solution is the payday loan. With this kind of cash advance no complex paperwork is involved, so generally speaking it is very easy to get them. Other loans, on the other hand, are more difficult to obtain, or at least it takes much more time to get the requested money.

After one has decided that a payday loan is the best choice for his/her particular situation, it is important to shop around and compare at least 3-4 companies who offer this kind of product. This comparison is very easy, especially if one makes use of the internet and the free online comparison tools that do the job instead of them. Because the loan-offers differ considerably, it is useful to be careful with the choice. The flexibility features should also be checked, namely the loan’s terms and conditions, and the repayment methods. Online calculators show objectively and clearly which company provides the best payday loan for one’s specific situation. One more thing that must be checked is whether the creditor is government-protected as this may constitute a guarantee that there are no additional or hidden charges, which might transform an advantageous loan into an expensive one.

Those who are not sure about what to do (to take out a payday loan or not) should talk to a loan specialist. It is useful to know that there are other options as well that are similar to cash advance loans such as the so-called “credit-union loans”, “credit payment schemes”, “pawnbrokers”, “cash advances from employers”, or advances obtained from “credit cards”. If one hesitates a lot, it is better to make a quick comparison, and after this it will be clear which choice is the best for the applicant’s individual situation. The internet is useful in this sense as well.

It is important to know that there is an option of taking out an online payday loan. Applying through the internet is easier, and applicants get the cash advance in the quickest possible time. No additional document is required apart from some basic data such as name, loan-type and amount, as well as the repayment period. After a quick check, lenders deposit the requested cash advance electronically. This way online payday loans can provide cash advance in a few days, but it may happen that a single day is enough for the requested amount to arrive into the applicant’s checking account.

All in all, after a quick but careful consideration, people can decide whether a payday loan is the appropriate choice for their specific situation. It is always useful to know about the various existing loan possibilities, which may help in solving urgent financial problems. So those who need cash advance for the short term to cover urgent financial needs may take out a payday loan until they receive their next pay checks. Otherwise some hefty late-payment charges may apply.

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easy credit repair done yourself
- Posted December 18, 2005 by Monty Loree
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We all know that credit is important, but what should we do if we are in need of credit repair? I know if were to find that my credit was in trouble, I would want to solve the problem myself rather than pay someone to do it. Credit repair is a serious thing since your credit determines so much of your life in today's world. Credit can effect your ability to buy a home, rent an apartment, buy a car, or even finance your new washer and dryer. That is why you should take credit repair very seriously. There are some steps you can take to help yourself by fixing your credit problems yourself.

The first thing you will need to do is find out if you even need credit repair. To do that you will need to get your hands on a copy of your credit report. That should not be difficult, since the government mandates that you are allowed to obtain one free copy of your credit report annually. You just have to ask the right people. You can either check out the website for the Federal Trade Commission or contact one of the major credit agencies directly. When you do, though, remember that it should be free and you should only have to supply your name, address, and social security number to get it.

Next, you will want to look over your copy of the report carefully. One of the easiest ways you can perform credit repair for yourself is to spot any incorrect information on your report. All of the agencies have ways you can go about making corrections to your credit report. Even if the information is just partially incorrect, you should take the time to get the credit repair made. Also, if something just doesn?t look right to you, ask the credit agency to give you the name and number of the institution that gave the report that you are not sure about. There is a chance you can work whatever it is out with the company, which can help with your credit repair even more.

Once you are familiar with the credit repair process for incorrect information, assemble what you need. Then, send it in to the agency to make sure they make the necessary changes and repairs to your credit report. Before you do, though, be sure to make copies for yourself. If the information is lost in the mail or even misplaced by the company before the credit repair is made, you will be able to easily make another copy and get it to them quickly. It is always a good thing to keep copies of everything so that you can track the progress of your credit repair.

If you keep getting rejected for loans or credit that you believe you should be able to obtain, it is a good idea to find out why. With the law allowing you one copy of your report a year for free, there is no reason you can?t make at least the easy credit repairs. When you obtain your copy of your credit report, you may be amazed at the incorrect or inaccurate information on there, and at how easy it is to get those inaccuracies corrected. Take the time and put in a little effort and you can do some serious credit repair without having to pay someone to do it for you.

About The Author: If you would like to read more of my online articles, please feel free to visit my credit repair!
================== ARTICLE END ==================

- To distribute your articles go to
- For more free-reprint articles go to

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2012-12-12 20:21:33
Canadian Credit Delinquencies Rising Deloitte Warns Canada
Put a date on your articles so that people know when it was written! How else will someone else understand if the information is recent?
Comment By:

2012-12-12 12:18:15
Freedom Prepaid Mastercard Debit Card For Canadians
How do i check my account balance i only bought a couple of things on this card n now i have nothing on my account i got it a couple of weeks ago ????
Comment By:
kyle from regina

2012-12-05 04:58:54
Car Repossessed Trouble With High Risk Car Loans
Reading all the comments below is dont have to be a rocket scientist...........every post the people didnt make there payments n
Comment By:

2012-11-13 23:08:19
Cbv Collection Services Problems
same deal,,these criminals sent a bill saying i owe 18,000$..hilarious,,they call me 5x per day..i am taking rogers to court..small claimes..why not y
Comment By:
karen cliff

2012-11-13 13:18:44
Retail Theft Could Get You Sued
I keep receiving emails and phone calls from people who think they can simply ignore the letters from these Civil Recovery lawyers. Don't. They
Comment By:
Gerry Laarakker

2012-11-10 12:04:12
Bad Credit Loans For Individual On Benefit And Have Low Income
I am a single mother and have a high gas bill can't afford to pay it I'm on ontario works and have a full time job but one income doesn't cut it I nee
Comment By:
amber haayema

2012-10-18 08:23:07
Retail Theft Could Get You Sued
Bank statements can be demanded or balloon a day even fail to repay the debts incurred from the varied lenders. The offered amount in such cash untill
Comment By:

2012-10-15 11:43:43
Bad Credit Loans For Individual On Benefit And Have Low Income
Need a loan wanting to buy a atv. Loan of 8,000 dollars is this possible.
Comment By:
Adam Brundage

2012-10-09 18:46:26
Bad Credit Loan Needed Canada Bad Credit Need A Loan
Dear Sir / Madam I am Mr.Nikky John of UNIVERSAL LOAN.we offer a variety of financing options at competitive prices to the Consumers who h
Comment By:
Mr.Nikky John

2012-10-09 12:42:44
Credit Repair Canada 3 Things You Should Know
to , take up a new job. Also, reflect on investing in generating a payday advance loan while using classmates and more, typically the segments. The in
Comment By:

2012-10-09 12:24:31
How The Debt Based Monetary System Functions In Canada
incredible cash loan right away inspiration the email mentioned learn more loan service that demand the particular choices signal asset loan applicati
Comment By:

2012-09-30 20:03:01
Cbv Collection Services Problems
I had a telus pay as you go phone from 2003 2008 and now cbv collectons is claiming that i owe over 1500 dollars, the last time they called i called
Comment By:

2012-09-25 10:19:31
Cbv Collection Services Problems
Had a bogus 'roaming charge' bill from Telus a few years back. Got mad at them and switched providers. It went to CBV. Yes, they are persistent and
Comment By:

2012-09-23 07:37:50
First Canadian Finance Scam Site
While these aforementioned dangers are a cause for legitimate concern, there are other dangers that derive from perceptions that often have no basis i
Comment By:

2012-09-21 19:09:43
Car Repossessed Trouble With High Risk Car Loans
I have had a Carfinco loan for almost 4 1/2 years, I have not missed a payment nor have I ever been late. I had to use this company because I had file
Comment By:

2012-09-16 16:42:15
Retail Theft Could Get You Sued
I am sick of all you so called legal counsel, wanting money from me , there was a reason i was stealing the items in the first place, i have no money!
Comment By:
a shopplifter

2012-09-15 05:13:22
Freedom Prepaid Mastercard Debit Card For Canadians
Some honest advice... if you need a card to use online DON'T EVEN THINK of using this one. Terrible customer server that disconnects calls on you and
Comment By:
Honest Advice

2012-09-13 11:18:04
Car Repossessed Trouble With High Risk Car Loans
Our car loan was with wellsfargo to begin with then transfered to carfinco,. Have never had a problem with them yet and have less than 2 years left on
Comment By:
Darlene Fougere

2012-09-02 18:27:17
15 Blog Post Articles That Talk About Equifax
obviously like however you need to test the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling p
Comment By:
promotion site

2012-08-31 11:32:19
Retail Theft Could Get You Sued
so i went in zellers and i baught bus tickets. then walked around playing with toys, and i was with a friend, we're both adults who like stupid toys.
Comment By:

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